Gambling has been a part of the human race for a long time and over the years, it has evolved into a big industry. Currently, the online gambling community has become very popular among players and with that, many land-based casinos are moving online. Visit for more.

Since the casinos and players in the online gambling community are continuously increasing, many development companies are also joining the industry to provide casino games for players. With that, you will get to enjoy a wide variety of casino games at your favourite casinos. Go on ahead to visit sellbuytrucks for more.

Overview of Netent

When it comes to casino game development, Netent one of the most popular in the business. In addition to that, Netent games are also very exciting to play and because of the company's wealth of experience, it is considered one of the best casino game providers in the business.

To add to that, the company is among the oldest in the online gambling industry. The company is also among the pioneers when it comes to online casino game development. The brand currently has a large collection of casino games that are featured at several active online casinos.

Overview of Yggdrasil

Yggdrasil is also another top online casino game developer but this company has only been in the industry since 2013. Even though the brand is relatively new, they have built a massive presence for themselves in the online gambling industry. The company also have an impressive list of online casino games.

Yggdrasil Gaming currently has its games featured at a host of online casinos, and in some cases, you will get to enjoy some exclusive bonuses when you choose to their games. Also, the brand is continuously churning out outstanding casino games that players will enjoy playing and also get rewarded.

Which Brand is better?

Based on our review and several online casino players' testimonies, Netent is the better online casino game developer. The clear difference is that players get to enjoy more variety with Netent and they also get better gaming experience with Netent games. Also, the casino software developed by Netent is quite amazing.

Nonetheless, Yggdrasil Gaming is also on the rise to become a top casino game developer judging by the consistent release of games from this brand. Even though the game provider does not yet have a huge game portfolio, we can see that they are working to meet up with the standard of top providers.

Additional Tips and Final Verdict

Netent is a big brand in the online gambling industry, while Yggdrasil gaming is among the fresh entrants in the online gambling community. Without a doubt, Netent is a much bigger name compared to Yggdrasil Gaming. Most online casinos prefer to feature games from Netent as there is more in terms of numbers.

To sum it up, the online gambling community continue to see development and advancement in terms of how players are served and games are offered. Yggdrasil Gaming will certainly continue to grow, however, Netent does not seem to be slowing down as they are even more focused on expanding and creating better gaming experience.